Koray Avcı at Bistro Bellman – 12th August

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Bistro Bellman concert: Musician, singer and songwriter Koray Avcı just finished his album “Sonra Dersin Ki” and will be performing live at Bistro Bellman August 12

Koray Avcı started his career for real when he decided to drop his parents’ plans for him, physics studies, and follow his passion. All of a sudden, Koray decides to attend the talent show “Yetenek Sizsiniz” with Osman Arslan perfoming a mimic of the singer Volkan Konak. They go straight through to the second round and soon Koray Avcı is a known name among a lot of people.

See the audition here

Koray Avcı continues his career by performing both nationally and internationally if necessary – in the streets and in different music venues. One day, a stranger records Koray performing in the street and shares the video on different social media platforms which is shared and loved among people. In particular, he becomes the darling of Turkey. With his stage performances and strong and sincere interpretation of the songs becoming a focus point on the social media Koray Avcı successfully reaches a wide audience. Today, he is known by “The man with the smiling voice” due to the smile he gives as soon as he starts singing.

Last year, Koray Avcı also reached a very wide audience with his album published in August 2015 “Aşk İle” (With Love) and he was the singer with the most concerts throughout the year. He had 110 concerts in 38 cities in Turkey and 35 concerts in 28 cities overseas equivalent to 145 concerts in total in a period of 9 months. After his long journey of concerts, Koray Avcı then collected the best performing songs with highest demand into his new album “Sonra Dersin Ki” which consists of 14 songs and 2 poems.

Koray Avcı at Bistro Bellman

You can experience the dearly loved Koray Avcı held Friday, August 12 at pm 22.00 at Bistro Bellman in Alanya. Note the date in your calendar and don’t remember to get the tickets either at Simitçi Dünyasi or in the bar. It is possible to make reservations, see the info below.

See more on Bistro Bellman’s Facebook here

Tickets can be bought at Simitçi Dünyasi or in the bar.

For reservation call:
0 534 522 19 03 / 0 507 392 76 85 / 0 554 315 84 91

Friday, August 12 2016
Doors open: 22.00

Bistro Bellman
Rıhtım Caddesi, 07400 Alanya

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