The golden ladle international food competition

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From Friday to Sunday was for 6th time ALTIN KEPÇE ULUSLARARASI YEMEK YARIŞMASI, which translated roughly in english to: The golden ladle international food competition

It is 6th time the competition is held in Alanya’s Külture merkez (culture house on Damlatas)

All the days were filled with nerve-racking contests, where the many different participants were to make, design and present their dishes on time. Among other things, there was Alanya dishes, and fishing dishes, where many used salmon for their dishes.

The atmosphere of the international food competition was good, and there were, among other things, shared free tastings next to the many participants.

One of the judges in the popular food competition was Alper, as many know as the extraordinarily skilled cook at the Dinner restaurant in Cikcilli. Along with Alper, was Hasan who is Dinners daily face.

In addition to local judges from Alanya, other good judges were also brought in from the rest of Turkey, among other things, the head chef of one of the major Hilton hotels in Turkey was judge of the competition. While the participants made their food, he took the time to talk to the audience. Here he is seen together with Nelsun, who study gastronomy in Mersin.



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