Dream of Color Fest – Antalya Sep 18

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The most colorful festival of Antalya is here! Dream of Color Fest or Color Festival is organized worldwide for everyone who is or feels wild. For people in every age group, this is the place to have fun and party along with the greatest DJ’s.

The festival in Antalya is organized by Festival Rehberi and is held 18th of September 2016. The Dream of Color Fest is all about unity, music, love, culture and color and you can expect a festival full of surprises. From contemporary music to traditional dancing, you will be carried away in the celebration of life, music, and culture.

With a line-up of musicians, yoga instructor, musicians and more, you are guaranteed to have the experience of your life that will help you remember what matters most in life and create lasting memories.

What is Color Festival?

The festival has its roots in ancient India and more than being an announcement of the arrival of the spring it is a joyful reminder to cast away bad feelings and throw worries to the wind. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a festival full of joy, love, forgiveness and gratitude?

Dream Powder

Don’t worry, we are not filling the sky with toxics – the colors used are always plant-based, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly. It is even possible to eat it as it is made from food-grade cornstarch! In Turkey the colors are known as “Rüya Tozu” which means Dream Powder. In Europe and India, it is known as “Holi Powder”.

Red more about Color Festival here

You can now join the Dream of Color Fest in Antalya no later than 18th of September. For more practical info, please see below or keep yourself updated from the Facebook event here.

See the Dream of Color Fest – Antalya Teaser Video here

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Are kids allowed? 
Yes, the festival has no age limit but they are expected to be wild.
Every adult can bring one child on the same ticket.
Children below 12 years are free.
Due to safety reasons, kids will not be handed a T-shirt.

Are pets allowed?
Unfortunately, there is a strict animal policy. Due to the danger of animals being crushed, you cannot bring your pets.

Can I be a volunteer? 
Yes, you can support Festival Rehberi’s work during the festival by volunteering.

Are cell phones, cameras etc. allowed? Can I record video and take photos?
Yes, cell phones and cameras are allowed and you can record video and take photos.

When does the activities end?
DJ’s will start the music at pm 11.00.
Dream of Color will start at pm 15.00.
Dream of Color Fest will end at sundown.

Can I attend with a baby carriage, wheelchair or a walking stick?
Absolutely, volunteers at the festival will support you with your needs.

Where do I pick up my Dream Pack?
On the festival day, Dream Packs will be distributed by festival crew from pm 11 until pm 15.
People coming from outside Antalya, needs to be at there at pm 13 the latest.

Does the Dream Powder leave stain on my clothes or hair?
It is possible to remove the Dream Powder almost completely after one wash. While rarely, for some participants it can take a little longer. Always use sunscreen for easier removal of the colors.

Will the Dream Powder damage my car?
No, it will not.

Can I find dressing cabinets?
Yes, dressing cabinets will be available at certain point in the area.

Can I buy beverage and food at the festival?
Yes, therefore it is not allowed to bring beverage and food from outside.

Why did I not yet get a ticket?
This is the hardest question. How many times in your life can you get this colorful?


Tickets can also be bought from:

Entry Ticket: 60.00 TL

Dream Pack 1: 35 TL 
1 T-shirt
3 Color Dream Powder
(Only 500 packs available)

Dream Pack 2: 45 TL 
1 T-shirt
4 Color Dream Powder
(Available until Monday, 5th September)

Dream Pack 3: 60 TL 
1 T-shirt
4 Color Dream Powder
(Available from Monday, 5th September and is also sold at the door)

Sunday, September 18 2016
PM 11.00 – PM 21.00

Konyaaltı Beach Park, Antalya

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