23th Alanya International Swimming Marathon

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October 20th 2015 the 23th International Swimming Marathon will be hold in Alanya

The Swimming Marathin will start 2 days after Alanya Triathlon ends.

The distance of Alanyas Swimming Marathon is 5 km. The contestants starts at Cleopatra beach, and swims around the peninsula, where the famous castle of Alanya is in the top. The finishingline is in the harbour on the east side of the peninsula.

About 200 swimmers from 15 countries normally joins the swimming marathone in Alanya every year.

The International Swimming Marathon has been organized in Alanya since 1992.

Registrations can be done here:

Alanya Triatlon and Tennis Club
İskele Caddesi No: 70
07400 Alanya / Türkiye
Telefon: +90.242. 513 49 00 Faks: +90.242. 513 20 00



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